Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just thought I'd add a post showing the list of landmarks I got at the start of the rally. I'm not really sure why I didn't put them up back then.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Well. Did alright I think. I'm back at work now and got all my pictures labelled up and submitted.

Got word back the other night that they were all correct bar one. Happily it was fairly local so I set off yesterday for a bimble down to the South Lakes to have a search about. I'd taken shots of two different guide stones showing the correct wording (half on each). About 200 yards up the road, I found another one with all the wording on the same stone. Got that submitted so I'm good for a 100% all rounder.

Mission acomplished!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just a quick picture dump. I've been busy after the rally, bagged the last three landmarks on the rally, should ensure a nice shiny 100% badge when they do the awards because I'm prety happy I got all of them right.

Rally was interesting, met up with a nice group of lads, lots of cooking of real food and another Enfield owner among them, i saw that and thought it must be someone with a sense of humour. Also met up with one of my mates from the Saddletramps, we do get about! As well as bikes, there was a selection of pretty impressive American style hotrods in the show.

The bike is starting to show the effects of a 9,000 mile road trip, there's an increasing list of stuff that needs to be fixed once I get home but it's all hanging together ok for now.

I'm heading back up to york for just now, spend a few days chilling out and organising my pictures into some sort of coherent order (as you'll see from the blog, there are more than a few).

I'll fill in more details as time allows, maybe put up some other pictures i didn't do before due to battery and connection quality constraints.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Not postd for a while due to a poor signal. Been all over the place in Devon, Cornwall and hartfordshire, currently camped up in East Sussex. I visited the church of John the Baptist which was built by an opium smoking minister who used to bury shipwrecked soldiers and had a wander round the Shipwreck heritage centre.

The "put on" and "take off" stones in St Ive were a pain to find. Apparently where you had to take an extra horse on to pull your cart up a hill.

Pirates graveyard at Portland Bill, a Roman coffin and a wooden tollbride finish off the list. laptop battery is very low so I'll dump the rest of my pictures and log out.

I'm going to go to the kent Chopper Club rally for the weekend, just have a few (3 or4) landmarks to do after that.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Devon today. The landmark at Teignmouth ("lamp post gift") has been causing people some problems and I'm not surprised. I opted for a wander about photographing any lamp posts that looked out of place. Wandering through some chalets on the beach and came across a cast iron lamp post worthy of Narnia with a small plaque at the base. I suspect others may not have been so fortunate.

Had a good old whang along some insanely twisty C and B roads in Dartmoor to visit an old gunpowder mill, pictures of the mills, chimney (complete with finger in shot) and the proving mortar to test the gunpowder with.

Three checkpoints today and off into Cornwall tomorrow. Weather is holding out ok, quite sunny if a little breezy.

And bringing things back up to date. Currently sat in Tescos in Exeter with a 3G connection. Went down through Somerset yesterday and got the checkpoint which was an old canal lift. Where the canal met the railway, they lifted the boats over the railway, not put the railway under the canal. Strange but true.

Heading down into Devon today, the checkpoints here are fairly close together but pretty cryptic, I'm going to have to go there and have a search about. Camping up on Dartmoor tonight at the club site there, need to do some washing!

More pictures.